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When you set aside time to read a novel you want to connect with the story, the characters and the action taking place. Dialogue should give you that "Ah-ha" moment of validation, as well as take you on a personal  journey or adventure! Here, at Books by M. Handy, the author has been credited with doing just that! At the top of this page are a few reviews documented on Amazon.com by readers just like you!


We welcome you to the best showcase of, Books by M. Handy right here in this one-stop and shop store! We present every genre that the author has written giving you a menu of choice for your literary appetite. And, best of all, shopping "direct from the author" saves you 40% because shipping and handling is included in the "standard" shipping orders throughout the U.S.!


Books by M. Handy are the perfect gift for the readers in your life who love romance, mystery, crime, adventure and drama!


 We invite you to come visit us for a pleasant, efficient shopping experience. Once your order has been processed, books usually arrive within 5-7 business days with "standard" shipping. Allow more time for large orders or around the holiday season

If you need assistance, or have a special order request such as saving on bulk shipments,  feel free to use the contact form for any questions you have and we’ll be glad to help.

A brilliant and talented story with great writing


The author weaves layers into the story to create a novel you can read multiple times and pick up on different facets you might have missed previously. It offers a good portrayal on how you shouldn’t “judge a book by its cover” 

*This title can also be found in the Chicago and Minneapolis Public Library System.


From Amazon

the author's creativity to push a perfume ad was pretty good.


So, a quick read, well thought out plot. Good characters and character development. A story where the good guys, er, gals, win.

*This title can also be found in the Chicago and Minneapolis Public Library System.

From Amazon

Stephen L. Brayton 

When you know your self worth


This has made me take another look at myself and the life i am living, Some things are right some not. You have shown me a new way to love myself for myself and to embrace the knowledge that the Lord has inspired me to be. This is truly a book of faith! Of Gods words to women everywhere, that don't know which direction to take their lives in, and to believe in his word to show you the right way!!!

*This title can also be found in the Chicago and Minneapolis Public Library System.

From Amazon



About Books by M. Handy

We started Books by M. Handy in 2017 as a branch off of COOTW Literary Works- An umbrella structured to house the written works of Dr. Monica Handy, and since our first day in business we’ve been sharing  stories that our readers can relate to!  Our name has become synonymous with: Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Drama and Crime. We do our best to ensure that a variety of interesting stories  remain cataloged here along with only charging a flat rate for our paperbacks. That's right, s&h is built in the price to fit your budget!

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